Affiliated Dental Partners

We at Impact Dental Design believe in teamwork. We have the best offers in mouthguards and can help you in ensuring safety of your players and users. The sports mouth guards are customized as per our user’s requirements. So if you want a football mouth guard or a basketball mouth guard for your team members or want to ensure a high quality and safety standards in your league then you should become an affiliate of Impact Dental Design. We will offer customized dental guard for you, which will not only become an identity but also a logo for your association.

We are already affiliated with highly renowned dental associations which are benefiting from our mouthpieces and mouthguards in building their customers confidence in their services.

A unique mouthguard for your every team member

Impact Dental Designs does not just provide you with mouthguard. It takes the responsibility of ensuring that it fits perfectly to the person and adds to his/her safety and protection. We offer our affiliates complete services, which include dentist-supervised customization so that each piece fits its user as per their anatomy and physics.

The Chelsea Dental Group;
360 West 22nd Street Suite 1L, New York,
New York 10021

Park Slope Dental Aesthetics;
836 Union Street, Brooklyn,
NY 11215

The Bronx Dental Center;
47 East 167th Street, Bronx,
NY 10452

2246 31st Street, Astoria,
NY 11105