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  • Designed and tested by dentists and elite professional athletes. Trusted and used by several current and former world champions.
  • Get the tightest fitting mouthguard possible with our custom molding process. Our guards stay fitted perfectly when breathing through your mouth or when taking a shot.
  • Protect yourself from injury. Our guards have added protection to ensure your teeth are properly protected from even the hardest hitting impacts. This added protection can also help reduce the incidence of traumatic brain injury.
  • Designed with durability in mind. Our mouthguards are shaped under intense heat and pressure giving more durability and allowing for use over multiple seasons or several years.

Interested in working with our Graphic Designers to create a design from scratch? Email us at support@impactdentaldesigns.com for a quote.
Please submit any Logo/Artwork that you would like on your Guard to support@impactdentaldesigns.com with the heading "CUSTOM PRINT"

How it works


1: As soon as you place an order we’ll put together a personalized impression kit for you and mail it to your home.

2: Follow the simple instructions in the at-home impression kit and take an impression of your teeth.

3: Once you’ve taken an impression, send it back to us with the included pre-paid shipping materials and we’ll get to work fabricating your guard with the customizations you’ve selected.

4: When your mouthguard is ready, we’ will directly mail it back to you.