Customize your guard

  • Our unique design was developed by dentists and elite professional athletes and is trusted by several current and former world champions
  • We make a custom mold from your teeth giving you a tighter fit than anything you can find over the counter. It ensures the guard stays in when breathing through your mouth or when taking a shot
  • Increased thickness of material between biting surfaces of your teeth taking the functional anatomy of your TMJ joint into consideration. This can help reduce the incidence traumatic brain injuy 
  • Uniform thickness of material in each layer so that forces are spread evenly throughout the guard. This is not the case for boil-and-bite or one size fits all guards because as you bite into the guard to mold it, you are inadvertently thinning the material exactly where you need the most protection
  • Our materials are shaped under intense heat and pressure giving more durability allowing for use over multiple seasons or several years.

Interested in working with our Graphic Designers to create a design from scratch? Email us at for a quote.
Please submit any Logo/Artwork that you would like on your Guard to with the heading "CUSTOM PRINT"

How it works


1: As soon as you place an order we’ll put together a personalized impression kit for you and mail it to your home.

2: Follow the simple instructions in the at-home impression kit and take an impression of your teeth.

3: Once you’ve taken an impression, send it back to us with the included pre-paid shipping materials and we’ll get to work fabricating your guard with the customizations you’ve selected.

4: When your mouthguard is ready, we’ will directly mail it back to you.